Millions spent again on InterCountry Adoption Services for Prospective & Adoptive Parents

Does it ever end? The struggles of adoptees in one area or another for recognition, validation, rights and respectful treatment – when will we cease to be second class, left out, left behind? Many will perceive this as adult adoptee ‘grizzling’ but put yourself in our shoes.

InterCountry Adoptee Voices (ICAV)

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The Australian government continues to treat us as token adoptees!  The latest LifeWorks press release from newly established intercountry adoption vendor LifeWorks  (with no prior experience in intercountry adoption support) is frustrating and disappointing to say the least!  Another AU$3.5m on top of the $20+ million spent on establishing the 1800 Hotline for Prospective Parents!  Not to mention this appears to be a duplication of State provided services already for prospective parents who have been approved and waiting!  Overall by 2019, the Australian government will have spent $33.6m yet to date, not one cent has been spent on providing services for existing adult intercountry adoptees who’s numbers are far greater than the number of children who will possibly enter the country in the next 3 years – taking into consideration the declines in intercountry adoption in Australia and reflected around the world!   Last year only 77 children arrived to…

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