The Good Life

  • Passionate people live by the words “to thine ownself be true”
  • Passionate people live in the moment
  • They have clarity and know where their lives are heading
  • They’re enthusiastic about their lives and it’s impossible to keep them down.In fact the word ‘impossible’ isn’t in their vocabulary.
  • Passionate people are fresh, calm, focussed, and in control of their lives
  • They’re creative and innovative
  • Passionate people don’t worry about what other people think of them – they’re too busy having a good time and pusuuing their dreams
  • They are self-reliant and don’t rely on others to make them feel good.They create their own happiness
  • Passionate people are not put off by problems.They know they’ll find a solution
  • Passionate people stay focussed on the big picture. They see setbacks as insignificant
  • They don’t let limiting beliefs, fear of failure or old habits hold them back

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