Learned behavior – normal and abnormal consequences.

“Stop, breathe and relax”

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sunshine beach outlook

Sunshine Beach 2015

I have been having the amazing opportunity this beach holiday to partake in the wonderful pleasure of just pure observing- observing the development of new behaviours. When my kids were little – we loved (and photographed with a camera not a phone) every new little skill they acquired and each new milestone they mastered. But now I am able to view these new skills in a different way, because but I am at a different stage of my life and my learning (I say learning instead of knowledge because thanks to the internet, Facebook and Twitter – all amazing sources of high quality journal articles-  the more I learn, the less I realize I know – learning is infinite), and of course I am not constantly shattered with the exhaustion which brands you as a parent.

So what I see is, that when my beautiful grandson acquires a new skill- we the observer, realize its…

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