The Wisdom of Albert Einstein

The wisdom and words of Albert Einstein.

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albert einstein

I love Albert Einstein. (1879 – 1955). Whilst he might be very famous for his brilliance with physics- it seems that Albert was a great philosopher and purveyor of some great sayings and wise words. He looks like he was a bit of fun too. I, of course, should read his full biography before I make such a sweeping statement. But I suppose some of the words I have included in this blog really encapsulate some of my favourite beliefs as well. Let’s take the one below.

albert einstein

My great friend Vonny, is an Occupational Therapist and she is always saying how important play is with young children. And yet more and more, simple play activities are replaced with organized activities- sport (which of course is very important but not maybe when you’re four) dance, gym, maths training, judo, etc etc. Grassy backyards are replaced with manicured courtyards where the size of…

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