Ripening Sorrows

“Let all sorrows ripen in me,” said Shantideva, the Buddhist saint. “We help them ripen by passing them through our hearts… making good, rich compost out of all that grief… so we can learn from it”.

Since I posted the above there has been plenty of compost making. I became a Grandmother to a Grandson who did not survive. He is forever in my heart, loved and learned from, remembered daily.

My health continues to decline steadily while my spirit remains intact and undaunted. I appreciate the beauties and wonders of the world, am grateful for what I have and rail against the injustices, the obscenities, the obstructions and hope for a more balanced future, a peaceful world, enlightened leaders. I mourn the losses, am thankful for the gains and am optimistic that the world will turn again to compassion, empathy and generosity in time. I love fiercely, understand loyalty and accept change. I appreciate the cycles of life, the turn of the seasons, new knowledge and old ideas and ideals. I enjoy the differences passing time brings, changes of heart, the marriage of family members after 35 years together, the visit of a first husband after decades and the birth of a baby to those who thought time had passed them by. Life is full of sorrow, laughter, love and hope. It is full and rich. Living is for us all whatever our abilities, inclinations, choices and beliefs. Try to be accepting, unjudging, forgiving and generous. Maybe we can make the world a better place for us all.

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