Round Midnight

My dear friend Rock Wilk posted this on Facebook. I was so taken with it I had to post it here and share with you all. In difficult times when the world seems to have gone crazy, the beautiful, rockrandom act happens. These are the things that will save us! Remembering our humanity, the beauty of music, shared experiences, the random acts of kindness that were so popular a few years ago and sharing the love of the things that make life worth living. In a world that dumbs down, eliminates the diverse, is confused by the complex and welcomes sameness and the predictable and elects the ungovernable to govern us, we must encourage everything that celebrates the opposite and allows us to breathe, to create, to dance, to sing and to live! In connecting with others who feel the need for diversity, creativity, change and breaking the tight bands trying to limit our thinking, we will form a world-wide community of reality, a sanctuary and a refuge to help us survive these crazy times.
Rock writes –
“I was whistling ‘Round Midnight while I was waiting for the train at 96th St, real slow and smooth, like long extended notes, with lots of air, and space, all legato, and this older gentleman started singing the bass line… And I stopped for a quick second, and we looked at each other, and he winked and went back to the top, and we did the whole melody, twice, and then I solo’d through 2 cycles of the song, and back to the head, twice… And rubato… And he changed keys, modulated up a half step, and back, and a cool ending, and we smiled… shook hands, hugged it out, laughed quietly, like we both knew that this was that good shit, and after letting about 4 trains go by, we both got on the C train, I got off at 125th to switch to the D to get home, he stayed on the C, fist bump, pointed at one another, and that’s the end of this particular story. I love NYC. #Jazz #Miles #SubwayStories”          I hope to see Rock bring his stories together into a beautiful publication we can slip into our pockets to remind us that there is a future and it can be filled with hope, optimism, clarity, dignity, tolerance and compassion. Thank you Rock ❤ – an old fave!


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