Ginny writes in the comments to this blog – “Bring the Scientific evidence of permanent Infant Trauma (damage) into the Spotlight. This information will hurt..but to reform policy’s, you must prove permanent damage to child. The evidence exits..IF YOU FEEL Comfortable…to share it.
Here are some scientific sources you can confirm in the Internet.
Research by Dr. Allen N. Schorn in Trauma Attachment (Google Scholar,California) finds the neurology of an infants brain changes when permanently separated from the person it grew in for 9 months. Surrogacy is no different…the infant is taken away from the person it grew in for 9 months, even though the incubator is not biologically related, the kid expects to hear the same sounds as if in utero from birth up to learning a language. (Psychologial Trauma and the Developing Brain by Phyllis T. Stien and Joshua Kendall)Routledge Press NY London). *
When separated, Schorn describes the action of the child as survival bonding, or Trauma Attachment to adopted parents.
To what degree does this trauma alter the child;s perception of all relationships from birth forward?
Does this frame how a person approaches relationships throughout life?
What are the differences in human survival bonding vs. human intimate bonding?
Expert scientists now say that adoptees are over represented in counseling: Dr. Paul Sunderland, UTUBE lecture on Adoption UK.**

Your blog is SO VERY IMPORTANT to the future of social justice policy’s, such as the Human Rights Commissions article on the Rights of the Child at the UN”****

All of the above are not new, but are worth revisiting or visiting for the first time, if you haven’t been there previously. There are gems of information here, which can easily be passed over or missed, because they are such seemingly small nuggets of truth – such as the reference to the traumatising effects of the ‘over-parenting’ of those who are not biological parents but take over as care-givers early in a child’s life. Helicopter parents are here, long before the popular term was invented.

The damage of surrogacy is perhaps less well known and in the light of current developments deserves to be widely publicised. Here in Australia we are in  a very difficult place with common practice going against what has been legislated for but is never used. Surrogacy is not unusual but is never prosecuted. Money changes hands but is not spoken off by agreement or is shrouded in disguising terms which give no room for prosecution. People involved are usually aware they ae breaking the law but a common goal keeps them complicit.  Many don’t know or ignore the trauma involved for the baby. Many don’t appear to care as long as they achieve their goal.*** The law can fail to protect those who most need protection, as in the case of baby Gammy, who was rejected by the potential adopters and his twin sister, who was adopted by the convicted paedophile and his partner. It seems that the most vulnerable and in need of protection are the least likely to get it.

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