Long Ago; Far Away

9e86c9d4f7137197b80223516eddb9deBack in the long ago, baby me was wheeled in a huge wicker pram, as all lucky babies were. It looked pretty much like this one pictured and was used for putting me down for a sleep in the afternoons on the shady back verandah, Summer and Winter, until I was too old or too big. I went off to Kindergarten when I was three so it can’t have been for long.  Legend has it that on Mondays after the meat had been cut from the leg of lamb eaten on Sundays to make a Shepherd’s Pie I was given the bone to chew on while sitting up in the pram taking the fresh air. In those days fresh air was thought to be the very best tonic for babies and small children, regardless of the temperature, the weather and their actual state of health. I had croup, endless colds and whooping cough as a child and lived in an old large and freezing house. Outside was probably warmer in Winter! I digress. Mum got tired of picking up the bone as I tossed it to the ground. She tied it to the pram with a piece of string. Probably from that large ball of recycled string all households had in those days. Next time she came to check on me I had disappeared! Bone, pram and baby were gone! It was a long verandah on one side of a large stone house.  Still is.  It seems I had been pulled in the pram by one of the dogs who took a fancy to the juicy bone.5-sittingforward

He was happy, I was happy watching the dog chew the bone and mum was relieved to discover I was unharmed.  She abandoned the idea of giving me bones to chew!

What a very strange world we are living in!  So unpredictable, so violent, so full of lies ad untruths. The Donald has managed to upset us again with his list of unreported terrorist attacks.  Whoever drew up the list got it completely wrong for my country and the idea that these attacks went unreported and un-investigated is an insult to our Police and to our media. To be used for his propaganda campaign is offensive, exploitative, harmful and disrespectful. It seems he and his team have no scruples and will go to any lengths to pursue their goals, whatever they are. I dare say I and other bloggers, tweeters and commenters will learn to ignore him in time, but at present the shock of this brash, crass, unprincipled way of working is raw, crude and surprising.  It is not only upsetting to allies and foes alike but very disturbing and frightening for our dear friends in America who cannot support him, his team or his way of ‘working’. They are also it seems are very embarrassed and apologetic over his activities. I wonder if he realised what a lonely job he was taking on and one that will get lonelier, more isolated and possibly cut short by the consequences of his activities. Perhaps he never really believed, as we didn’t, that he would be elected!

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