A Man by His Deeds

basil_of_caesarea“A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.” These words were uttered by Saint Basil apparently, way back when. Nothing much changes for us humans and the words hold true today Just as much as they did then. Perhaps is was easier to live by them then than it is today when we seem to be surrounded by corruption, injustice, disharmony, vanity,  greed and self-absorption.

I’m still smiling over the tweet from the man who seems to marvel at how women managed to get so many pink hats designed, manufactured and distributed for the marches! Deleted because he found there were too many ‘baby boomer harpies” commenting. Apparently I am one! Says he stands by his view. I take it as a compliment. Possibly finding it hard to believe  that women still have the skills to knit, to be inventive, to do it with humour and irony.

My particular favourite was the pink skull cap – kippah – with ears on the head of the female Rabbi. The placards were brilliant and great to hear they are being collected for exhibition. Women continue to show that in the face of cruel misogyny, racism, erosion of hard won rights, exploitation, adoptism and disabilism, their humour is alive and well, their sense of fun intact and their feeling for justice burning bright. 60 cities, some tiny towns and villages, an icebreaker in Antarctica, women across the world joining together to be heard, to walk the walk and to stand together against oppression. Trump and his ilk have done us all a favour by being open about their views and beliefs. Many good things can come from this if we keep our inventiveness, our humour, our solidarity, our strength and our commitment. I haven’t witnessed anything so encouraging in decades. As we say in my country Go Girls!!


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