The Age of the Idiot

Here’s a cheerful post to take us into the New Year! The dumbing down of everything we know and love is of grave concern and leaves many of s bereft and mourning the rich tapestry we once knew as life. What’s to be done?

Ten Thousand Holes


We are living in the Idiot Age. A age where people drive cars in bright sunshine with full beam headlights on, where thousands watch B list celebrities eat insects on live TV. Where we morn a celebrities death more than that of hundreds and thousands of disabled or poor people or refugees. We make Christmas a period of mass hysteria while we buy as much food and drink as is possible and sit around a dead bird pretending we love each other.
Our ignorance is unlimited. This is the age where it is actually celebrated. And it didn’t happen by accident. Our libraries and cultural quarters have been shut, our gathering places closed, and instead we park ourselves in front of TV screens that are the size of one wall. We are zombies, the Frankenstein of the neoliberal neo-fascist rulers of our wastelands that were once countries, countries that contained…

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