OT: the power of observation

Beautiful piece of writing here and how accurate!

The adopted ones blog

(Taken from Grandpa’s journal of a letter he wrote to “Dear Old Timers” in 1954.  They must have asked what type of winter had been forecast for where he lived.  The way he described the weatherman’s forecast is priceless and maybe I’ll transcribe it one day. He told the “Dear Old Timers” he was now leaving the guessing to the weatherman, but then explains what he’d observed in nature back in 1913 (he was logging then, cross-cut saws, double-headed axes).)

“There is a sign which seems to prove true: the activity of squirrels.  If my memory is working right the fall of 1913 we were working at Brittain River BC.  The squirrels were laying around sunning themselves with a satisfied smile on their mugs, a very mild winter followed.  The following fall we were located in the in the same place, but the squirrels were not slumbering.  They were hot footing it from place to place gathering any…

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