Breastfeeding, Inducing Lactation and Adoption (Part2)

Here we go again! Never met or heard from an adoptee who didn’t think this a revolting idea. So just who is it for?

The Baby Gallaway Adoption Journey

If you have missed part one  you can find it here and get caught up on the process up to this point;

I’m starting Part 2 of Breastfeeding, Inducing Lactation and Adoption on Day two of my new relationship with my breast pump (Ameda Purely Yours Double Electric Pump).  I have stopped taking the birth control and am now pumping 6-8 times per day.  Here is my break down of production thus far (I will update as the time passes);

Day One May 14th 2016- 6 Pumping Sessions – 1 oz Total – I was confident I would get about this much as through the last 9 months I would pump once a month just to try to draw my one (partially) inverted nipple out as per my doctors recommendation and during those pumping sessions I would get about half an ounce or so.  So my official first pumping day…

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5 thoughts on “Breastfeeding, Inducing Lactation and Adoption (Part2)

  1. Like Frankenstein’s monster,this deluded woman is trying to bring to life something unholy.

    I am grateful, with my entire being,that my adoptive mother would have never considered something like this.She thought breastfeeding was disgusting,and did not like when I did it.

    My own mother probably would not have done it either,but thinking of her feeding me that way does not revolt me at all.

    • Yes I too am glad my amother didn’t do it or consider it. My mother fed me for 4 weeks and the abrupt weaning stuffed me up for life. I BF my own child for 13 months and had no problems but inducing lactation with chemicals is surely not healthy.

  2. I don’t know much about lactation, but from what I’ve been told, the colostrum is the most important part when it comes to passing on immunity to diseases. This mom barely mentions it in her rush to insist that “[l]eukocytes […] are only found in breast milk,” which is simply not true; leukocytes are white blood cells. Babies are born with some leukocytes simply because they have a bloodstream.

    It scares me when people who are making “their future baby” the subject of an experiment presume to teach others as they learn. I also found the author’s desire to breastfeed because her own mother was so sorry when her kids weaned themselves and gained a small measure of independence a bit creepy.

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