The War against the Weak

A plea for the return of compassion. Neo-liberalism has brought untold horrors and some very visible horrors to our world. Do we care any more what happens to the elderly, the sick, the disabled, those who cannot care for themselves? Do we care who we elect to Govern, to make our laws and decide who lives and who dies?

Ten Thousand Holes

EuthanasiePropagandaUp and down Britain, in grey buildings, housing grey men and women, in very English towns and cities, the work of Hitler is being meticulously and happily carried out. It is here, in local authority headquarters and DWP buildings, where the disabled and vulnerable, the “useless eaters” are persecuted, where their meagre income is raked over and any opportunity to remove it is seized upon. Where people will be driven to take their own lives. Where their entire existence will become soaked in fear. How did this happen? How did Britain, a country that went to war against Hitler, that sent its young men to die, to oppose fascism, become the home of the monster?

If you have any doubts as to the evil that civil servants are involved in, and where this will lead, then you only have to look at how all of this began, way back in…

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