Adoption Group dynamics…

Never making assumptions is a good place to start! Being courageous enough to face the differences in experience helps but not all can do it. Genuine respect and interest helps, there’s no need for mean. And I really dislike the use of the word ‘positive’ suggesting there is good and bad; a full picture contains all stories whatever the content. Such a judgemental way of looking at things. How do we all get along?

The adopted ones blog

Every time I see a new Facebook Group for adoptive families that includes the term support (or SUPPORT), I cringe inside.  When it is further described as a POSITIVE group, it makes me want to sigh, and when I go read the description and it makes it clear that it is really just for Adoptive Parents (not adoptive families) – then I shake my head, and acknowledge that for some, adoption hasn’t changed since my era. 

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