How Reliable Is A Home Study? Amber Garrott: Example Of Its Flaws

“So why do we keep hearing about abused adoptees ? Because it’s not fool-proof. Because it is subject to the expertise of social workers and their judgment of character. Because it is flawed. Unfortunately it is the best we can do. Because of that, expectant parents that are considering adoption should know that it is not fool proof so they can make a sound and informed choice about the fate of their child. When contacting an adoption agency they will be reassured that the families they are shown are all safe, competent, loving and have an approved home study!! They are not told that home studies are not always concrete and that they can only cover so much territory”
Home studies have always been able to be improved and are definitely not ‘the best we can do’. When children come first and not profit and meeting demand standards are much improved and children better protected and provided for. There can still be no guarantees but the chances improve considerably. Once you remove home studies from independent organisations standards improve too because the profit motive disappears. It is truly disgraceful that children are still considered commodities, sold for huge profits.

Musings of a Birthmom: The Honest Ramblings of a First Mother

When an expectant mother relinquishes her child for adoption she is assured that she is giving her child a “better” life. In America, every family that adopts a child must obtain an approved home study from a licensed social worker or case worker. According to the government site Child Welfare, the home study has 3 purposes:

• Educate and prepare the prospective family for adoption

• Evaluate the capability and suitability of the prospective family to adopt

• Gather information about the prospective adoptive family that will help a social worker match the family with a child or youth whose needs they can best meet (applicable to adoptions in which public child welfare agencies are involved)

For private or domestic infant adoption, a home study can be conducted through a private social worker, not a licensed state worker (think foster to adopt).

Because of the home study process, expectant…

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2 thoughts on “How Reliable Is A Home Study? Amber Garrott: Example Of Its Flaws

    • I have known many SW’s, most have some training in psychology and many others things. They increasingly have to shuffle papers because most Governments will not front up to the necessity for more funding, better services, more extensive services and the need for ongoing training. You cannot make assumptions about why people do the work they do, there will be as many reasons as practitioners. Have you ever noticed that the societies we live in damn SW’s when they don’t ‘save everyone’ and damn them if they try with the limited resources they have and the less than useful support of the legal system, the courts and their Governments?

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