Reunion. There are those who love to hear about the rainbows and unicorns but not the heartbreak, the pain and the longing. Some who seem to feed off the tears, the anguish and the loss. Maybe that’s because they can observe without having to live it, feel it and suffer it.

Bleeding Hearts.

I haven’t written a single blog post in almost a year. I went through and deleted most of them because they annoyed me- I see how my vision has evolved. It’s clearer now; I know what I need to say.

There’s very little peace in the middle of a search and any extra energy goes toward keeping a balance in everyday life. It consumes. Through DNA testing and Ancestry.com I was able to locate my biological family. Both mother and father. Both still living. I’ve received a warm welcome from my mother, the opposite from my father, which is fine. She was the one.

I found my mother on Easter Sunday. I woke feeling weary from the toll this search had taken on me and my family. I had a new match (still quite distant at a 3.9) on GEDmatch and I wanted to take a closer look at her…

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