‘They Aren’t Confused’: Landmark Study Shows Transgender Children Have Consistent, ‘Deeply-Held’ Gender Identity

That’s all the more reason why this particular generation is important to study. They’re pioneers,” she said.

By allowing children to freely identify with who they truly are at a young age, Dr. Olson says there is more hope of creating within these children the longstanding sense of self-respect and security that all individuals deserve.


gender identity 3Transgender children as young as 5 years-old demonstrate consistent gender identity across a variety of implicit gender-association measures, according to a landmark study to be published in the journal Psychological Science.

The study found that the responses of children who identify as transgender are indistinguishable from those of children who do not identify as trans, indicating “that the gender identity of these children is deeply held and is not the result of confusion about gender identity or pretense,” the authors said in a press release.

The paper, believed to be the first ever to focus on this group of children, is intended to launch the first large-scale, nationwide, longitudinal study of transgender children in the United States. The research is being led by Dr. Kristina Olson of the University of Washington, along with co-authors Dr. Nicholas Eaton at Stony Brook University and Aidan Key of Gender Diversity, a…

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