No kindness for Mojgan – WRITTEN BY JULIAN BURNSIDE

Decency and compassion have no price.



Mojgan was living in Brisbane when she was taken from her husband and put in immigration detention.  She was behind detention centre wire when she received her year 12 certificate

You can see photographs of Mojgan and her husband here.

If she returns to Iran she will be tortured.  Her friend Sarah Smith has sent this note:

“… [Mojgan] has finally received a response from Dutton. She has been told she has two options: return to Iran (where she faces a minimum of imprisonment, maximum of execution) or remain in detention indefinitely.

… This evil is beyond anything a dystopian novelist could create. At least in fiction the government imprisons those perceived as a threat.

Here in sunny Australia, we imprison young women who fled childhood sexual abuse, who are sweet and intelligent, who want to…

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