“Empowerment” & The Modern Birth Mother

The era of ‘modern adoption’ which some like to think is ‘better’ than in former times.

Letters to Ms. Feverfew

I wrote this in response to an assignment for one of my courses in my MSW program.  I thought some who follow my blog might be interested in it, too.


On page 87 of Pullen-Sansfacon & Cowden (2012) we read, “Empowerment, in a neo-liberal ideological worldview, thus becomes about accepting ‘personal responsibility’, and while this idea is appealing at one level, it obscures the impact of the social dimensions of power, based on class, gender, race, and ability/disability.” This passage is a long-sought for answer as to why I have experienced so much cognitive dissonance when it comes to the rhetoric of “empowering” young single expectant mothers in their “choice” to relinquish a child for adoption, and is but one example of how this modern interpretation of “empowerment” may be dangerous for a client.
In the decades since birth control was made available to women regardless of…

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