Why I boycott Gloria Jeans Coffee – and you should too

A must read if you’ve ever been to Gloria Jean’s or thought of going there – the coffee is awful too!

Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear

There’s something about Gloria Jeans Coffee that leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth – and it’s not just the overheated, tastes-like-dishwater brew in the cheap paper cup.

Whether its franchisees, staff or customers know it or not, profits from this franchise are put to some pretty objectionable uses.

$30,000 donation to Australian Christian Lobby

Recently, thanks to the investigative efforts of Doug Pollard from community radio Joy 94.9FM, it’s been revealed that Gloria Jeans contributed $30,000 to the Australian Christian Lobby in 2010. That figure is only public because it is classified as ‘for political expenditure’ and exceeds $11,500. We simply don’t know how much Gloria Jeans may have contributed financially to the ACL under other headings.


Why is this important? Because the Australian Christian Lobby is Australia’s leading anti-gay lobby. Don’t be fooled by the moniker ‘Christian’. They spend very little time feeding the poor, housing…

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2 thoughts on “Why I boycott Gloria Jeans Coffee – and you should too

  1. Dear Von

    I wonder why you would reblog this. The founder of Gloria Jeans no longer owns the company.

    The company that now owns Gloria Jeans as of late 2014 is Retail Food Group.

    There is no reason to tarnish Gloria Jeans name. All their franchises are now actually privately owned.

    I do not own shares in RFG or a Gloria Jeans franchise. I do however love Australian owned companies.

    • Thank you Mark for that information. I reblogged the post because I thought it was interesting. Franchisees have a right to know the history of their franchise. I too love Australian owned companies when they provide good products, not however if they are homophobic.

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