Trusting others with who I am

Some of these ‘defects’ are in fact emotions and useful ones which can be acted on in ways which help us. When we accept ourselves and others we don’t have to admit to ‘flaws, failures and shortcomings’ because we see ourselves and others as having attributes, learning opportunities and so on.. Dangerous stuff!!

Mommy on a Mission Project

im_tired_of_hiding-76790 (1)

“All of us wear masks-metaphorically speaking”….Thats the opener to the “Mask” movie spoken by the “therapist” played by Ben Stein. Of course it’s a metaphor, because none of us “really” walk around with our faces covered in masks, however, it does post an interesting topic, does it not? Don’t we all wear different masks around different people? But is that healthy?

So many of us fear what others might think of us if they knew the real us. So we avoid going places, we create separate identity’s for ourselves for certain places and certain people. We have the version of ourselves that we show others and perform in front of people at church, another version of ourselves for our immediate family members, yet another version of ourselves that we offer to family that’s not so close, and even another version that we give to total strangers and people in public…

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