Dear parents and soon to be parents in adoption…

Please do bbetter!! No excuses for not understanding that children are not ever gifts!!

The adopted ones blog


The last couple of days have been hard in adoption for many of us.  Hard for no reason other than new parents decided to do something for whatever personal reason they had, likely without knowing how ill-suited it was.  There really is no excuse for even new adoptive parents not to have taken the time to understand adoption, the nuances, the history, what is proper, what’s not.  These parents clearly did not do so, and they were wrong.  Many other people in adoption also seem to not have any idea of why what these new parents chose to do was not in good taste.  I’m going to try to explain why I think it was the wrong decision to make.

Some ground rules first:  This is not about how an individual adoptee/adoptive parent/first parent may feel about the video that caused the ruckus and the media frenzy of trying to get rights to show…

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