Adoption Sometimes Gets All Fucked-Up, 101

Check your privileges at the door!


Trigger warning: This post discusses adoption and disruption in light of the recent news story. It may contain issues that are triggering to adoptees, biological parents, or adoptive parents.

Additional Note: Yes, I know I didn’t include a link to the news story and I spelled the boy’s name wrong. Someday that kid is going to grow up and google himself, and I just don’t want to be a part of that media blitz for him.

Having worked within adoption (and still working fairly close to it), I can tell you that it is the least simple thing ever. There are no easy lines to be drawn about what is definitively good and bad. Adoption is a lifelong experience – for adoptees, for birth parents, and for adoptive parents, aka the adoption triad – and there is never a crystallized moment in time against which all mistakes, accomplishments, intentions, and…

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