Loss and Grief

Loss and grief can be way more complex for adoptees. Grieving may not go through regular predictable stages and resolve in a set period of time. Posting this as an example of how very careful we need to be when selecting others to assist us in any therapeutic process.. There are many good books available on dying, grief and loss – amongst them Pauline Boss and of course that old favourite Khubler-Ross. Please take the greatest of care when dealing with your own losses and those of others as much damage and harm can be done.

Mommy on a Mission Project


The thing about the passing of a loved one is that all of us are all too unpleasantly familiar with it. It creates a whole in the fabric of a family, a gap in a circle of friends.

When someone who has meant so much to us in so many different ways leaves this earth, a void is created where they used to be. Left behind are memories of a very dear and wonderful someone that impacted our lives deeply and profoundly.

Sometimes it’s not a death that causes us to deal and cope with loss and grief, it could very well be a divorce, or a break up. Anything that creates a loss of someone, and leaves a void where they once were and causes us to grieve over their absence forces us to go through the realm of loss and grief and we find ourselves being propelled through…

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