Everyday White Supremacy

A piece for those adopters raising adoptees who are children of colour or for any white person who thinks and has the courage to question.

Written by Erica Gehringer

I am over the
fake liberal facades that people try to put on in order to make themselves feel better. If you’re a person claiming to be “progressive,” “accepting,” and “anti-racist,” I want to ask what that means to you. Is it progressive to not support people of color, especially when they ask you for help? Do you truly accept the people of color around you, or do you accept the white supremacist systems that you are a part of? For example, I work in a 90.1% white department at a thought-to-be “liberal” public university, and in the year that I’ve been there, I’ve received a lot of pushback for suggesting we make the office a more racially inclusive space. In talking to my (white) managers, (white) human resource liaison, and (white) coworkers, I have heard the following statements:

“I know it sucks for you here…

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