Death Ed.

One of the best posts you’ll ever read on death, dying and speaking the language of death. Death is something none of us can escape, we must lean to do it better!

what a shrink thinks


So: I think things may change around here a little bit. Or maybe a lot.

I think the kind of writing that I am going to do here is going to be a bit more exploratory, extemporaneous, a download of thoughts and ideas I am having that are just that and not much more – for those who may- or may not be interested.

And that the kind of researched, super contemplative & theoretical writing that I usually do here I am going to “save up” – for what I don’t know – for a larger work, a bigger piece of some sort. I hear there are these things that people “read” that come in e-form, or sometimes bound between pieces of cardboard and written out on paper – that feel way too audacious for me to imagine writing. These “things” paralyse me just…

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