Will they ever learn?

Adoptees< stories, individual, unique and theirs! Do watch this TED talk if you haven't seen it before, one of the best ever!

The adopted ones blog


Seems like I’ve written a lot of posts to adoptive parents lately.  I had high hopes for real changes to happen in adoption, everyone always states how different adoption is today, how much better it is.  I’m losing hope that those statements will actually become reality any time soon when I see what happens on a regular basis, some adoptive parents decide adoption is so beautiful that they just need to share, and the post goes viral, or they write a tell all book.  And they do it without a thought of protecting their child’s story, the story that the parents are supposed to guard, instead, they give it away, despite being educated, warned, that the story belongs to the child, that they are just the gatekeepers.  Other adoptive parents add to the problem by sharing it, commenting on it, continuing the over-sharing.

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