High Spring, 2015. Part 2: Among the Trees

One of my favourite flowers, Dicentra spectablis, and what a beautiful photo of it. Thank you Francis!

Francis Pryor - In the Long Run

I mentioned in Part 1 of these High Spring blog posts that we had planted trees between our house and garden and the open Fen country that lies between us and the Wash. North-easterly gales from the North Sea can be bitterly cold, but the proximity of the sea also has an ameliorating effect: frosts, for example, are many times worse around Peterborough, just twenty miles inland. Although the wood was originally planted as a wide screen against the weather, we were also keen to see it develop into something of a nature reserve, which is what has happened – even if some of the nature, such as Muntjac deer, is not altogether welcome. We brought a number of bluebell bulbs from our old garden and we know that these derived from local woods, so there is none of the Spanish DNA which taints most bluebells bought in garden centres…

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