the lies hurting children believe (adoption/foster)

Please don’t ever tell an adoptee that their mother loved/loves them unless you know it to be a fact. Adult adoptees have so often discovered this not to be so. Yes! It does matter!

lovin' adoptin'


Do you remember 15-year-old Davion Only, the teen who went to church looking for a family? There’s something to be learned from his story that goes beyond one boys search for a family, the statistic of 100,000 children available for adoption in the U.S., or that the church is viewed by some to be a safe place. There is another core issue here we can’t ignore, and that is ideas children, especially ones who come from traumatic experiences, have.

Davion was born in prison, and was subsequently placed in foster care, he doesn’t know how many places he’s lived. While in care, he had anger issues because his mom was incarcerated, and

he was resentful.

Four months before Davion showed up at St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church asking for a family to adopt him, he searched for his birth mom. He found out she’d passed.

With the knowledge of her…

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