Why “Post Racial America” Makes Me So Sad.

“As O.U.’s President Boren said, “We ALL need to do so much better.”

“Am I not a man and a brother?”

SJW - Stuck in the Middle

Today I woke up with dread in my heart.

Yesterday i had a few panic attacks and I found myself weepy and I couldn’t figure out why.  And then it hit me…

I am suffering from PTSD from living in “Post Racial America.”

You know, Post Racial America, that place where court clerks send emails about our president not being able to hold a job for four years because Black men can not hold jobs.  And has the audacity to send it on her OFFICIAL email.  Because that is apparently the official stance of the entire judicial department in that part of the country.  Because hey, that type of stuff is sooo post- racial.

Post Racial America, a place where a 12 year old Black boy can be killed for holding a toy gun by a white police officer who should have never had a gun or a job on…

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