knowing you’re forgetting: the orphan’s heartache

Identity…what is it?


Most intercountry adoptees reading on the internet are gen x’ers or millennials.  Very few are baby boomers, because we were the first to have been subjected to this social experiment en masse, and

we are aging.

And, if the rest of older adoptees are like me, we are exceptionally (acquaintances might even say irrationally) afraid of dementia.

It occurred to me, while reading the following article at Aeon magazine, that the description of what it’s like to experience dementia sounded terrifyingly familiar.

On my good days, I can almost pass for a normal person. On my bad days, I feel like I cannot find myself… I don’t know who I am and what I am going to lose next.’

It sounded like something we intercountry adoptees have already experienced in the past, when we were turned into orphans and sent to new countries with confusing cultures and people we did…

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