Yes! Got the Cojones?

Many of you have probably seen this already, but in case you haven’t  check it out here –

People who live with what others perceive as a disability do not accept that they are inspiring for getting out of bed in the morning, working or doing what the ‘able-bodied’ do routinely. Being inspiring is doing something out of the ordinary which gives others the courage to step outside their comfort zone,  to face fear and accept new challenges. Life can be full of challenges, large and small and as long as we keep meeting those challenges, head-on, sideways or by the circuitous route of paradox or lateral thinking, we will be able to live with ourselves, have self-respect and a sense of achievement. We might need to get inventive, imaginative, creative and keep our sense of humour ready at hand. We might need to find allies, partners in crime, friends with cojones who will come along for the ride, the fun, the adventures and the laughter making memories.

I am a great admirer of those who can laugh at themselves, the predicaments they find themselves in and who convey that sense of amusement to others. I believe it is a quality  to be treasured, respected and nurtured. If you have not acquired the ability to laugh at yourself you might like to ask yourself why and what is preventing you from enjoying something so precious – the joy of a good belly laugh, the freedom of throwing off any pretentions in order to just be yourself, to live the truth of you and your life!   Good luck!


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