Claire Hitchon writes on activism and the declassified adoptee.

The Almost Daughter & More

I have just finished reading Amanda H.L. Transue-Woolston’s new book “The Declassified Adoptee-Essays of an Adoption Activist”.  Twice in fact.


I’m sure most of you know her as “The Declassified Adoptee” through her website, blog or The Lost Daughters network.

Amanda is the founder and editor of Lost Daughters as well as being a Social Worker, Author, Speaker, Award winning blogger, Feminist and Adoption Activist.

ImageI’m sorry, I don’t know who to credit for that description of what being an Activist means.  I felt it important to let people know just how important it is we all take this stance and learn from Amanda how important it is to speak our truth.

When I found Lost Daughters it was like finding my home.  Finally, a place where i belonged, where I fit in and knew I would be understood.  Having followed their blogs for some time I…

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