International Women’s Day (IWD) March 8th 2015

Let’s celebrate this year by getting rid of our Minister for Women – what a farce!

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Suffragette March, London 1911  suffragette cartoon

I’ve chosen some images from the our Australian suffragette for this special blog for International Women’s Day. I think those women were so brave, strong and inspirational. And I’ve put those images at the top of this blog to remind me that these strong women saw a wrong and fought to have this wrong righted.

This is the fourth International Women’s Day since I started my blog and I am writing this second blog on IWD for this year to highlight some issues which bother me enormously.

Many people – perhaps many men- may in fact say why even have an International Women’s Day at all?

It is very important to appropriately recognize International Women’s Day.

It is important because in many places in the world women suffer some serious health, safety and workplace inequities and a day like this allows stories to be told, voices to be heard and maybe actions…

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