Had enough of this, we aren’t in high school anymore…

Plenty to fix in adoption from the past and in the present.

The adopted ones blog


Imagine what it would be like if those challenged by infertility, or pregnancy losses were split into two groups.  One group grappled with the very deep feelings of pain, inadequacy, losses that were directly caused from not being able to have children.  The other group would include people like me who when I was ready and wanted to have another child, couldn’t have one because I waited too long, I adjusted quickly and continued on.  That doesn’t give me the right to dismiss how others feel who can’t have children, I’m not them, they aren’t me.  It doesn’t give me the right to blame how they feel on their genetics, how they were raised, how positive or negative they are naturally.  I don’t get to mock them to make myself feel like I’m better, or stronger, more well-rounded.

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