Child Protection and Disclosure: Ten reasons I didn’t tell I was being abused

Some links on abuse, trauma and paedophiles.

Trauma and Dissociation

One question people commonly ask adult survivors of child abuse is “Why didn’t you tell?”

Survivors may also also ask themselves this, or if they did disclose why they did not disclose much sooner (or to a more supportive person).

Carolyn Spring provides some answers from her own perspective, read:
Ten reasons I didn’t tell I was being abused

ten reasons

Some survivors who disclosed in the past may have had a response which made things worse, but increased awareness and the ability to disclose to a greater number of people (for example, child protection websites) should provide more support now.

Perhaps the questions we need to ask in the present are:

How can we, as a society, make it easier for children to tell today?

How can we respond appropriately to a child who discloses?

How can we lower the risk of a child being abused?

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