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A Blogger writes – When one goes to see a Christian counselor or talks to one, they are looking at the counseling process from the angle that the goal is for the human mind and heart to be transformed  through renewal by the supernatural work and powr (sic) of the Holy Spirit. A Christian counselor who uses Christ centered therapy techniques will help you find the underlying issue, the root cause that is lying at the bottom of the heart that is causing either your actions and your words or someone elses actions or words and causing you to feel the way you do. Then, through the truths of Scripture, and with the direction of the Holy Spirit, they will help you to arrive at a logical, ethical, workable solution to your problem and will work to keep you on track, hold you accountable, and keep you in the Word, keep you in step in your relationship with Jesus. Christian counselors know that by arriving at a solution, holding you accountable for the solution you came up with and encouraging your spiritual growth and development, healing will occur
Christian counselors want you better, they seek to help you end your pain. Their goal is to pull you out of the pit and seek to help you find ways that will keep you out of the pit. Christian counselors want to see you healed, and they work to help you get there; they want to see you moving into wholeness and becoming whole and that’s their goal. Christian counselors believe that peace is available and that it can be reached and attained for any situation and circumstance because of the promises that Christ makes in his word to do that for you.
Christian counselors and therapists aren’t in it for the money or in it to make good off of your pain and suffering. Christian counselors are in it to be extensions of God’s healing hands.
That’s the difference that Christian counseling and Christ centered therapy makes.

Some of you may have read this post on Christian counselling –

Is the inference that non-Christian counselling does not have the goal of finding solutions, assisting clients to become responsible for consequences, encouraging growth and development and so on? It seems to be hinted at, an underlying suggestion along with the more up front idea that Christian counsellors and therapists are not in it for the money and that non-Christian counsellors and therapists are and make money from ‘your pain and suffering’.  Undoubtedly that is sometimes the case, although most professionals in other fields would expect to earn a living from the study and time they have put in gaining experience and skills, without having to apologise for that. Since counselling is as yet unregistered and unregulated in many countries it will remain open to those who buy qualifications, practise unskilled or believe they are skilled when they are not. The potential trap for clients is unfortunate, potentially damaging and dangerous and it is a hit and miss business trying to find someone who suits, can be trusted and has the skills to assist efficiently and effectively. We have only to look at the damage Christian counsellors do in their efforts to ‘treat’ those who are homosexual or bisexual in believing their clients have made  a lifestyle choice which can be altered, influenced, eradicated. We look too at authors and ‘advisors’  like the Pearls and others who believe in ‘religious chastisement’ – beating babies and children with implements to alter their behaviour or ‘train’ them. Most of you will know about these methods and about the Pearls and their devotees, but it bears repeating in order to honour the short life of those children and adoptees who died at the hands of practitioners of the Pearls method –


Having god on your side does not guarantee skill, experience or expertise in counselling or ensure that you can be trusted to do a good job, get results or enable clients to reach their goals. Those who are vulnerable and trust those who assure them they can help and  that peace is available and that it can be reached and attained for any situation and circumstance because of the promises that Christ makes in his word to do that for you should be approached with the greatest of caution, if at all.

A practising and experienced counsellor comments on the counselling post and takes it that the poster believes  – That the Bible is true in what it says. This is opinion and not fact.
That God created all our thought patterns etc therefore he created both positive and negative. He is therefore the source of “Sin”. Is that what they believe??
That the behaviours are the result of Sin. This is clearly not the case and only seeks to provide for added blocks of guilt.
To Sin is to “miss the mark” or fail. This too sets up more issues that in it solves. As it is about the broken relationship with God. Not everyone has one of these therefore if its not there it can’t be broken!

And to finish some thoughts from Probe on homosexuality!


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