What matters?

“the truth comes out of the shadows”. Daniel’s understanding of his origins and the tactics of fascists -“a conspiracy to destroy a generation of children”.

Daniel Drennan ElAwar

The first two stanzas here were jotted down eight years ago after being given two small pieces of paper by my orphanage attesting to a) being abandoned on the beach in Dbayeh and b) passing through a convent in Dakwaneh before arriving at the orphanage in Beirut. I have spent eight years examining them, trying to puzzle out the “truth” to my story; my narrative prior to being adopted. Now that I have an understanding of my origins due to DNA testing, and now that I am able to map the tactics of fascist Spain in the 1950s to similar practices here perpetrated by those who named themselves after Franco’s party, the truth comes out of the shadows. I admit I sometimes wish it would not have; that I might not know.

At the same time, I kick myself for not noticing (not wanting to notice) my adoptive name here…

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