Putting the “A” in Adoption

Sharing the ‘positive’ adoption stories!!

After Chris Snow, an adult adoptee, heard about the backlash I received because of my post about National Adoption Month, he wrote this fabulous response. I will let his eloquent words speak for themselves. If you’re an adoptive parent, I hope his words encourage you. If you’re hoping to adopt, I hope his words inspire you. Enjoy.
putting the A in Adoption

Putting the “A” in Adoption
by Chris Snow

I don’t understand the negative feedback towards adoption. I can’t wrap my mind around it. We live in a society that celebrates the right to kill an unborn child but harbors resentment towards families accepting children that aren’t biologically theirs. It’s easy for me to add a Christian perspective into the entire affair, but even to those that don’t follow the God of the Bible, adoption is clearly a beautiful thing. I say all this not only as a Christian myself, but as a child put…

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3 thoughts on “Putting the “A” in Adoption

  1. To be honest, as an adoptive parent I rather learn from Shaaren Pine’s tough Washington Post story, than basking in Chris Snow’s favorable light. His story is his story, as is Shaaren Pine’s, Rebecca Carroll’s, John Raible’s, Sarha Heslin Woods and so many other adoptees (and, but that is for a comment on another piece – I like to add, other first mothers, like Lorraine Dusky, Priscilla Stone, Racilous, Claudia d’Arcy)

    • I take your point, while a feel good story may be comforting to read we don’t actually learn much from it. Some might suggest he is still in ‘the adoption fog’ and may see more clearly when he has a few more decades of adoption lived out! I’m not a great fan of Lorraine Dusky. She and her friend so often get things wrong about adoptees, make assumptions and tell us how to behave! Besides, she was patronising about Jeanette Winterson who is a great writer and presenter, better than she could ever hope to be, professional jealousy perhaps? Good to see you here Frank, drop by again soon.

      • I think the birthmother perspective is for APs very important and even more ‘scary’ than the adoptee point of view. Yes Jeanette Winterson! Only the title of that book shows what a great writer she is. Of course Lorraine was irritated, because Winterson preferred the monster adoptive mom above the lame, bourgeois first mom. To ascribe her genius just to the monster was literary spoken a great thing, but probably not fair towards her genes.

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