you feeling this too?

“Look around you. What’s not right for you? Admit what you don’t need and let it go. What can you do to make it better? Feel what you feel – but please don’t bury it or deny it. See it. Feel it. Release it and let it go…
You don’t have to fix the world. You only have to fix YOU! (and if you do fix you, you can change the world and that wave.)”

Lara Trace Hentz

By Lara Trace

I don’t know about you but I’m tired. It’s dark out there.

(BAM) … we see madmen/madwomen scurrying around everywhere, literally everywhere we look – people in panic mode and fear!

I am known as optimistic about everything. I am, actually. Even as an adoptee, even as a traumatized child, even as a journalist who has witnessed some pretty horrific stuff, even as a splitfeather with a foot in two worlds, I’ve never lost my hope for the future.

But I sense a foreboding darkness descending on the planet. We humans are all entering into this. I don’t imagine we have to be “dark” ourselves (as in depressed) but it’s hard not to notice all the upsetting news, arrests and protests, grim predictions, earth changes, as we’re experiencing a tumultuous time of great unrest and change. We all have feelings and those feelings are collectively affecting the…

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