Adoptees, Why Are You So Angry?

Angry? Or something else?

If we can’t learn from one another, what good is our existence? As a way to assist society on learning how it feels to be adopted, I decided to ask one question to generate some responses why adoptees might be angry or hurt by their adoption experiences. These responses have been kept anonymous for confidentiality reasons. Each person that participated knew their response was going to be posted on a blog and shared with the world. To my fellow adoptees, thank you for sharing such a personal piece of your hearts to help others understand us better. If we don’t who will?

I asked one simple question, “WHY ARE YOU ANGRY?” over 50 adoptees chimed in. Here are their responses.

Lack of identity. Lack of origin. Adoption being about our adoptive parent’s pain which eclipses our own. Feeling like an outsider. Feeling helpless. Bullying. Discrimination. Systematic discrimination. Legal discrimination. Being…

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