Coloring Book of Healing Images

For those of you who suffered childhood abuse or who know someone else who did, this workbook has just been published. I have not used it and therefore cannot as yet recommend it. However it looks useful and my ordered copy should arrive soon, so that I’ll have further information for you. It seems a gentle and controlled way of beginning to deal with the pain of abuse, providing it is supervised and whatever emerges is dealt with effectively.Color-To-Heal-Banner-Final-21-885x553
The healing images in this book are organized into 17 chapters: Safety, Staying Grounded, Self-Soothing, Joy and Play, Hope, Reclaiming My Core, Reclaiming My Feelings, Reclaiming My Body, Nurturing My Spirituality, Self-Love, Love, The Beauty All Around Us, Strength and Determination, Embracing All Parts of Myself, Healing Abused Parts of Myself, Separating from My Abusers and their Abuse, and Acceptance.
Each chapter begins with a page or two describing an aspect of healing. Next, most chapters include a list of ideas to facilitate that aspect of healing. This is followed by suggestions for creative expression. Then the coloring images are listed, each with a self-affirming intention. The next pages are the healing images for coloring. Some of the images include a space for the reader-artist to hand-write a personal affirmation or intention.

Book Review: A Coloring Book of Healing Images for Adult Survivors of Child Abuse.


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