Accepting and meeting your own emotional needs

Meeting your own emotional needs …

Trauma and Dissociation

This post was inspired by a blog about being unable to accept your own emotional needs:

I am convinced that 1) my needs are abhorrent and will drive everyone away; 2) I do not deserve to feel anything, nor have my feelings acknowledged as legitimate; 3) if I AM going to feel things, I “should” be “strong” enough to deal with them alone, 4) if I were a “good” person, I would not be feeling so crazy, 5) reaching out when I am distressed will anger or disappoint my loved one, who will be tired of me and my problems, or perhaps not even matter enough to the person I’m reaching out to, for them to respond.

What are the possible ways forward if you recognize these beliefs in yourself?

Some suggestions:

  • Everyone has emotional needs. Absolutely everyone. Emotional needs are normal, and healthy. How long have you had…

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