The Difference Christian Counseling and Christ Centered Therapy Make

So what is the goal of non-Christian counselling?

Mommy on a Mission Project

We can agree that the entire realm of counseling and psychologists and psychotherapists exist to help. Without a question. People dealve into psychology-the scientific study of the human thinking and behaving system and what how it affects us physically,mentally and spiritually so they can help us cope, help us deal, help us heal.
Sin has so captured the entire universe that we feel its affects everyday. Sin is what makes people choose to hurt others with their words, or to hurt people physically, to abuse them, manipulate them,take advantage of them in their time of weakness or vulnerability. Sin is what makes people take the feelings of others for granted and make an entire business of making good with products that are designed to keep people thrown under the buss or down in a hole, or wallowing in the mud because obviously, if they can convince you that you areā€¦

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