Living Life Adopted…..What I wish the Adoption Community knew about the Church Community.

‘ Dont just read and listen to negative stories like yours, go check out stories that are opposite of yours before you wrongly deduce’

Mommy on a Mission Project

I recognize that alot of adoptees in the adoption community are speaking and re acting from a place of pain, but I also recognize that the adoption community has a lot of misconceptions about the church community. Many of them feel like the church or churches have been judgemental, critical, harsh, inconsiderate, insensitive, or they just spew disingenuous phrases like “God loves you” and “Just come to Jesus”.Many adoptees blame the church for their pain, for being the servants of hurt rather than hope because it was a church who “stole” them from their families to give them to a needy family without their permission and consent. Many of them put blame on the church or a church for mishandling their circumstances.

One thing that I feel I need to say, and I know many are speaking from a place of pain, so words and actions are going to sound…

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