Was blind, but now I see. Was lost, but now am found.

Carrie’s rethink and hopefully a review of her judgements on other adoptees! My post written prior still to come.

Mommy on a Mission Project

Adoption can be many things to many people, and hopefully, our perception of things change over time.  Hopefully the goal is for those who are hurting, to finally be healed, for those who think negatively, to think positively, for those who attack others who think differently than they, to respect. In my opinion, I dont really think adoptees completely and fully heal 100% this side of eternity, and as I was reading in an article recently about a “cycle” we go through, I think we do. Much like we adoptees go through the greiving cycle, I think we also go through a unique adoptee healing cycle. All of us start out in the same place, but its like a ladder, some of us are closer to the top, others are closer to the bottom, sometimes the ones at the top climb back down, sometimes the ones at the bottom go…

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