More of the 5 Step Plan: Step 4Managing your Bowels Well.

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Remember this series of blogs relates to a talk I did for the public a few weeks ago and Part 4 of the 5 Step Plan is all about bowels.

Bowels Bring Down Prolapse (and cause failure of operations): WHY?

  • Never taught correctly as a child how to defaecate
  • Bad habits- stool wrong consistency, always strains or leans back to defaecate (can be equivalent of having a little baby every day!); dyssynergia – a lack of coordination between the external anal sphincter and one of the pelvic floor muscles (pubo-rectalis) so the anus tightens instead of releasing the stool.
  • Birth Damage: Weak pelvic floor muscles (nerve damage); Levator Avulsion leading to ballooning of vaginal hiatus during defaecation-resistance from PF to enable effective defaecation lost
  • Too much mobility of the perineal body (between the vagina and the anus)-lack of support, short perineal body.

Good management of bowels is all about maths (angles) and physics (correct displacement of…

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