Why I’m Here — #NAM, #flipthescript

Questions, thoughts, emotions and sorting them out forever……

Legally Fictional Reality

It’s National Adoption Month, and yet again, the one voice not being widely acknowledge in this conversation is the one voice that could help make adoption about the people it’s supposed to help — the children

I have been writing about adoption as long as I’ve been writing, but with one notable exception — the letter I wrote to my first mother when I found her, to ask for contact — I’ve never shared any of this writing with anyone. I think that, for the first 30 years of my life, I was convinced that no one cared but me, that adoption mattered only to me. I thought that wanting to understand meant that I was broken.

Actually, it did mean that I was broken, and that only acknowledging that adoption was formative, important, and not something that happened to me in the first week of my life but rather…

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