Adoptees and a study worth reading…

The Reconstruction Phases of Adult Adoptees – thank you TAO!!

The adopted ones blog


I’m always fascinated by the different feelings about being adopted, how or when they change in either direction.  I shy away from most of the super positive about being adopted adoptees and the very negative about their being adopted adoptee.  Neither end of the spectrum is healthy because life is never all rosy without a glitch or hint of sad, or the opposite, always bad.  There are exceptions to my shying away, I have a sweet, gentle friend on FB who would be seen as a super positive about being adopted adoptee.  She expresses her feelings about being adopted, yet she is also open to listening, looking for similarities to what someone is saying, looks at her experience, and finds things in common.  I think perhaps we are very similar, but our personality and language used, is what makes us seem different.

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