The Flip The Script Backlash

We have found our voices and we are using them!

elle cuardaigh

*Anyone else who tried to leave a comment on this woman’s blog may publish it here. Just copy/paste it into the comment section below.*

I’m only surprised this didn’t happen during National Adoption Awareness Month:

This is my comment. I doubt it will make it past moderation, so will post it here:

‘Those who are “flipping the script” aren’t adoptees who are happy and content with their adoption experience, they’re the ones who are angered, feel like something was done to them.’

Hello. I’m one of “those” adoptees. One that you conveniently divided into two camps, content or angry. Only I am not either. I have felt both emotions, on occasion, but I cannot be summed up this way. My life continues, and every day of my life, I am adopted. I have a myriad of feelings about this and I always will.

If you had read more of…

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